Kipkay - Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist!

To see who won the VersaLaser, read the announcement here.

Kipkay was a finalist in the 2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest for:
Blu-Ray Laser Phaser!

Should this project win the grand prize VersaLaser laser cutter package from Universal Laser worth over $15,000? Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Audience votes will count for 20% of the total. Check out all the finalists, and vote for your favorites!

This is a forum post created by the Instructables staff on behalf of the finalist.

Thanks to all who watched and enjoyed this WORLD'S FIRST Blu-ray Laser Phaser project!

Picture of Kipkay - Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist!
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zachninme9 years ago
I don't think that will work... since they only emit red light? Someone correct me, though.
Yes, that is a huge misunderstanding of how lasers work. They are only emitting that frequency. Meanwhile, filters work by blocking all of the colors except for the color of the filter.

So, if you put a blue filter in front of a red laser you get...not much.

If that's all it took, then why aren't we seeing every color of the rainbow for lasers?
 Indeed, might I recommend Intro to Laser Theory in This Book for the uninitiated XD
you could always get a bright white led with a blue filter if you could find a reflector of some sort
KnexFreek7 years ago
 haha if only that would work. cute tho.
grundisimo8 years ago
your just a hater of awesome people like him
larsjet9 years ago
Seriously I love your project only, I can't seem to find a blu ray laser anywhere, PLEASE could you tell me where to get one ( I live in Holland ) and also thats +1 vote!!! is what kipkay typed on the laser minimag and it has both types or lasers lol
you can get a blue ray diode at at cheap prices.
Notn49 years ago
really sweet ...:D but i can't wait when we start getting blu-ray disc burners to our home PCs and what u'll do with that hoping for something like the dvd burner laser thingy but with a blu-ray :P
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