Kite photographing the BP oil spill is a group of people who are documenting BP's oil spill with cameras held aloft by kites and balloons. Sometimes they even get a ride on a plane. All of the images produced with this method will be going into the public domain. It's cool stuff and the images are far better than anything else out there.

To keep the project going and cover the costs, they've set up a page on kickstarter to ask for donations. They've already passed their initial goal of $5,000, but it's a good cause and I hope they get plenty more than that. I pledged some money and wish them all the best.

Picture of Kite photographing the BP oil spill
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Brennn107 years ago
I'm surprised that they haven't been shot down by BP yet. I can't even watch the news anymore. The situation is so devastating and my heart goes out to the fishermen whose livelihoods are in complete jeopardy, and the environmental woes are equally as stomach churning.
And with all of the big wigs sitting around pointing fingers at one another, things won't change anytime soon. Early on, they needed to get some "input" from some of "thinking / making" public on fixing this. It COULD have been done quickly.
Your best idea for a quicker fix is-? L
well, one of my ideas was, after making the opening face upwards, as they did, the idea of a pipe pushed down inside would have worked better IF they included a heavy weight bladder that surrounded the pipe, like used to open arteries (only much heavier), to be inflated once inside the pipe deeply could be inflated by remote as those are inside of arteries.
A massive stent?

Well not exactly as stent IS a tube, what I mean is using the scaled up version angioplasty, not to open the "artery" but to plug the area surrounding the inserted that the crude had to flow through the "extended tube".
oil spill fix idea 1.bmp
I honestly don't think they want a tight seal, not for some conspiratorial reason, but because it could be dangerous. Consider, they had to shut down the capture because the ship was struck by lightning, with a sloppy fit, they can just turn off the flow, no harm done. With a tight fit, they shut down the flow, all that kinetic energy has to go somewhere, and a pressure wave travels down the pipe, considering how degraded the well bore may be at this point, any shock, increase in pressure, whatever, could be very bad.
It would only be as tight as it would hold. And it wouldn't seal off the flow, only prevent it from leaking up past the inserted pipe.
In fact, if a tight fit causes problems, then the original pipe is called into question in my mind....and the whole process they use in the first place. No one in their right mind jumps out of an airplane and then tries to plan on how to "fix the current problem of dying at the end of the fall" on the way down.

Yep, I used the wrong word.
However, if you've got a few thousand PSI behind it, then it's not going to stay in there for long.

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