Kiteman can be bought!

Remember I "mentioned" my CafePress shop?

Following comments on that announcement, and thanks to the personal generosity of Gmjhowe (who created the latest incarnation of my usual avatar), you can now buy me!

There is a ridiculously wide range of items, from jewellery to Christmas stockings, as well as the usual range of tee shirts, stickers, pin badges etc, all featuring yours truly.

OK, so it's a vanity thing, but I've got to say they look quite good...

(As ever, if there's a product you would like to see, even if it's just a tweak of an existing product, then let me know by a comment here or by PM.)

Picture of Kiteman can be bought!
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bhanon8152 years ago

you should have captions or a thing Subway has Subway (eat fresh) (The nerdy instructable guy) something like that would be cool


Kiteman (author)  JM19992 years ago


JM1999 Kiteman2 years ago

The thing bhanon815 said is a "catch cry" or a "catch phrase".

Kiteman (author)  JM19992 years ago

Oh... I've never heard it called a catch cry. Makes sense, though.

Kiteman (author)  bhanon8152 years ago

Hmm... To be honest, CafePress has been a failure - I've had the shop for several years, but have yet to make enough sales to actually be paid by the site!

If you'd like true Kiteman memorabilia, try my Etsy shop instead, where I sell some of my Instructables.

dombeef6 years ago
Just wondering, are you able to see how many people bought a particular item? Has anyone bought this yet?

(hopefully the glitch wont happen again:))
Kiteman (author)  dombeef6 years ago
I just made a sale!!! The customer was apparently "Cafepress on behalf of Amazon", and they bought a Heed t shirt.

I'm now almost half way to actually getting some money back from the scheme!
Kiteman (author)  dombeef6 years ago
I can get sales reports on every item, but nobody has bought any "Kiteman" products, because I only put them on the market today.

Speaking of glitches, this is the second attempt to post this - the first just vanished.
Wait, I thought NachoMahma grossed everyone out trying to buy Kiteman boxers...
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