Kiteman's opinions on pro features.

(I have deleted huge chunks of the original version of this, which is why some comments may not seem completely relevant).

This is my take on what should be happening:

Whatever is decided, there is one core thing I believe;

  • Pro benefits should be features, not content.

My take, tweaked since first posted elsewhere:

Free membership:

  • Post projects in the current format.
  • When reading projects, have full access to images, no matter who or how they are published.
  • When reading projects, have access to basic PDFs
  • Access to non-pro forums.

Pro membership - all the above, plus:

  • Access to customisable PDF downloads.
  • Patches
  • Access to Pro forums
  • Private publication (projects only visible to those who are sent the URL)
  • Mass-mailing (eg, to all those members who subscribe to you, or to whom you subscribe)
  • Early notification of events and contests.

For an extra fee (I was going to call it "pro-plus", but I think that's a medication):

  • Post projects without advertising.
  • Power to moderate comments on a project.

Please add posts with constructive ideas to Lemonie's topic here.

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kelseymh8 years ago
I don't think that's what Kiteman meant, Sean. Comments, especially polite ones, should always be acceptable and accepted. Rather, his (and my, and many others) primary objection to the pay-only restrictions, when they were first deployed, was specifically the "secondary images" issue. That was taking away our own original content, rather than taking away "value added" formatting of the content. It took a lot of discussion between us and Eric, but we did get our point across. Because of that, I think some of us don't feel as strongly about the "pro" vs. "not pro" situation as when Kiteman first wrote this.
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Yeh, what Kelsey said. Apart from a tiny minority, I think people have generally taken the need for pro-ness on board. On the "extra features" front, pros now have the option of "bios" - they do seem to work, as the number of PMs I get from new members seems to have gone up.
Kiteman (author) 8 years ago
Things have changed since then - for instance, secondary images are free again.
You won't get a reply for a good few hours, they're in bed at this time, though I think this being up now is good, gives a whole day of discussion, as I said over there I think Tiers 1 and 2 are viewing options... One point I'd like to raise is the capacity to mix and match features, for example paying a small fee for only one feature like, say I would like to moderate comments on my 'ibles but not pay to have ads removed and such, I think having a list of add on options at small costs would be a much more reasonable system, though a fair few of these shouldn't be at cost to pro members or maybe pro members get a number of 'ibles per month they can use the features on. To be fair the pro forums have started to get interesting now, it's handy having a place that's kind of quiet and full of mostly known members...
Kiteman (author)  killerjackalope8 years ago
For me, the pro forum idea is a bit meh - it's nice to have a more secluded place to chat, but it also seems elitist. We're supposed to be inclusive here.

I've tried to put on a happy face for the sake of the site, but I really do not like the way the current set of pro options denies access to so much of the useful content to those who cannot pay.

Pros should have extra features, not extra content.
What I don't like is when you spend a whole lot of time answering someone's question in the questions thing and you do so even though they are only a guest, and well... I was thinking that if others are as into this site as I am then supporting it with some money was a good idea so if I was able to I could help someone with a question that really was into this site instead of a "guest".
You can ignore the Guests it's up to you what you answer, and you'll surely recognise the people who are really into the site? L
Oh yes I know and I already do - like I recognize you and quite a few others.
You notice that there's a few questions from India? They may be the next big group, or they may be obstructed by Pro-membership.... L
Maybe I don't understand something here - before I paid to be a "pro" I was already able to see all the steps on one page (it was my default setting I had set), I was able to print out stuff just fine, I never saw but two ads, I only paid because I love the site and figured it was worth every penny to help support it. Because I use a Mac do you think my ability to have almost everything "pro" offers already existed for me? I kept reading the benefits over and over and just didn't get why anyone would be so inclined to pay for stuff they already got. Like I said I just paid because I wanted to support the site. This members only forum is the ONLY difference there is isn't it? Am I missing something? How will this effect the Indians? Are the Indians not able to get everything I was getting - has something changed and the things that I got before are now no longer available to non "pro"s?
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