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Dorkbot Anglia is a regular evening of talks and conversations with "people doing strange things with electricity" in the East Anglian area. We are delighted to announce our seventh meeting as the guests of the CSV Media Clubhouse on Thursday 24th November. Entry is free.

Thursday 24th November 2011, 7:30-10pm
CSV Media Clubhouse, 120 Princes Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1RS

(About five or ten minute's walk from Ipswich railway station)

This time, there's a special guest ...


It was a grand night, lots of folk went home with a determination to try the site, plus a new t-shirt.

Even better, Tim Hunkin was in the audience!

Afterwards, we speakers and the organisers adjourned to a pub called St Jude's for some excellent beer and, frankly, a rather random conversation.  Some interesting ideas about mixing the concepts of 3d printer and laser-cutter, though...

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Kiteman (author) 6 years ago

It's tonight!
Kiteman (author)  Kiteman6 years ago

It was last night!
lemonie6 years ago

"Anglia" always reminds me of this, and nothing more.


Kiteman (author)  lemonie6 years ago
You're too young to remember my first mental image of an Anglia.
"OMG" (to borrow a phrase from those far, far younger than myself). I had no idea that Ford Prefect actually meant something.
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
What, you expected classic British comedy to be free of appalling puns?
Of course not, I'm just disappointed that I missed out on it for so long!
Hmm, it does kind of reminde me of hearing about one of these when I was younger....
Of course, that was in existance at least 4 years before I was.
lemonie Kiteman6 years ago
My mate Simpo has bought a Prefect...(I believe)

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