Kiteman's Haiku Contest the Sequel!

Ok,so Kiteman posted a patch contest that was very succesful. I took his VERY LAST PATCH! So,I am posting this,it has the EXACT SAME RULES AS KITEMAN'S exept that I am the one sending patches! Haiku Away!

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Eunix10 months ago

As the sea is blue,

and I belong in my land,

cold winds engulf you.

Posting this feels so weird and so wrong, kinda like waking up the dead... But I don't care! Let the zombies come! ; )))

I've been digging in the Instructables archives quite some time today...

Whatever caused this thread to stop anyway?

PKM Eunix10 months ago

Comments like yours show

It's not always September

On the internet.

Autumn's cold winds blow

Bright screen under a dark sky

This site warms my heart

caitlinsdad PKM10 months ago


Not so active as of late?

Make ibles again.

PKM caitlinsdad10 months ago

Been a touch busy

Renovating my new house

Nearly finished now

New ibles coming

'Leccy skateboard in the works

And some older stuff

caitlinsdad Eunix10 months ago

Bump not once, but twice

Alas, intelligent life

A treat for the site

Eunix caitlinsdad10 months ago

Hahaha Haha!

Haiku's and poetry,

Out of anything.

caitlinsdad Eunix10 months ago

Instructables rock

Take something simple as that

turns into pure gold.

Toga_Dan10 months ago

"Five syllables First.

Seven Syllables Second.

Five syllables Last."

copyright 2016

"5 syllables 1st.

7 syllables 2nd.

5 syllables last."

copyright 2016

5 syllables first

7 syllables second

5 syllables third


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