Kiteman's NEW Shop!

I am currently putting together a new Spreadshirt shop.

I'm not going to offer specific products this time, so that you, dear customer, can have as wide a choice as possible.

This is the link to the shop, but all you need to know is that all the designs will be tagged with at least instructables and kiteman.

It will, naturally, be offering the infamous Zeroth Law design.

Picture of Kiteman's NEW Shop!
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Kiteman (author) 9 years ago
Right - the designs I have uploaded are all "pending".

I think that means that somebody is checking their copyright status, so they won't be available for sale until the 8th or 9th September.

The good news, though, is that I have added the original template for Robot Returns, since it will look rather cool on a tee shirt.
What, what, what?

We're allowed to use the robot on shirts we sell for money?
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
Robot Returns is my boomerang template...
But this is sanctioned by Eric? He won't sue or get mad or hold his breath (haha) ?
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
He didn't mind "" being on the arm of the catapult, so I figure it's OK. If it's not, that's easy enough to fix. Anyway, it's more exposure for the site, isn't it?
Oh, I agree completely, I just wondered what his policy was. I'm sorry, I just realized I seemed to be implying something about you-that certainly wasn't my intent. :)