Kiteman's song

.  Ran across this on YouTube and thought I would share. Lyrics at YouTube.

Phideaux - Kiteman

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lemonie7 years ago
This sounds like Folk to me.

Kiteman lemonie7 years ago

(Apparently it's actually "prog rock", but they've managed to keep out the twenty-minute rambling solos.)
 They left out the good part!
lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
OK, thanks for the update.

Kiteman7 years ago
I know a boy who ached to touch the sky
All his life he tried to rise
And through the years he made a solemn vow
To reach the light and bring it down
Oh the kiteman fly his kite so high far up in the sky at night
With string and dreams he sent his message high:
if only I could likewise fly
Id pass above the very stratosphere
Without a tear or care inside.
Oh the kiteman fly his kite so high high up in the sky
Goodnight and the wind in the kite
In the moonlight he rides, he rides
I know a boy who couldnt stand the ground
And always he was skyward bound
The saddest thing is hes up there now
But all he says is he wants to come down
Oh the kiteman fly his kite so high way up in the sky
I want to come down now

Woah... the only way I can describe this is... heady.
Doctor What7 years ago
 That is one kickin' jam!