Kitewife, she says YES!

Many years ago, my father rallied a Mini.

Twenty-three years ago, I learned to drive in a Mini.

Twenty-two years ago, I had my first crash in a Mini.

I courted Kitewife in a Mini.

Now, after literally years of subtle hints, requests and outright begging, Kitewife has agreed that I can have another Mini. A proper one, not a BMW.

OK, this isn't going to be instant, probably months away, but I am uber-excited about it, so I thought I'd come a and brag about it.

All I've got to do first is fix up the Megane to a saleable state - replace the spoiler, the wing mirror, buff out the scratches, pull out the dent in the door, then sell it, then raise about a grand extra ...

... ah, what the heck, she said yes!

Picture of Kitewife, she says YES!
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Danny10 years ago
Mini-pinch :P Yay!! What colour are you getting it in? please dont say yellow, please dont say yellow, please dont say yellow.
Kiteman (author)  Danny10 years ago


Actually, no - it will eventually be BRG
Bran10 years ago
Lucky you! Have a particular color scheme in mind? I've always been fond of the bright red body, white/black checkered top.
Nah, you gotta do an Italian job!
Kiteman (author)  Mr Slippy Fist10 years ago

British Racing Green

Do it John Cooper style, with the two white stripes on the bonnet.
Bran10 years ago
A question I've been wondering: is there a Kitepet?
Kiteman (author)  Bran10 years ago
I've got a pond full of goldfish and frogs, and five Giant African Land Snails (but they live at school). At school, I also have a rat, a newt and a class of 31.
ll.13 Kiteman10 years ago
and a class of 31

..classed as your pets!? :-/

Good luck mini hunting. :) I prefer a Saab aero 900 or a BMW E30 =P
KentsOkay10 years ago


MUHAHAHA! Yes! It happened! The grammar in your title is terrible =P, it should "Kitewife says yes!", not "Kitewife, she says yes!"
Och well you were excited, but I must go check the temperature of the underworld, I fear it is rather chilly down there...
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