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Welcome to the Kits forum category!

This category is for buying, selling, trading, giving away, and discussing kits. Since kits are so popular on Instructables, this forum category is a "for sale", "wanted", "for free", and "discuss" section specializing in kits. Commercial postings are OK (and please note this is one of the few forum categories where commercial postings are acceptable).

Please keep things relevant to the spirit of the site. Really cool listings may even be featured to the Instructables homepage, while irrelevant postings will be deleted.

We encourage people to use our private messaging system to work out details, and remind you to deal locally when possible, or only with others whose reputation you can determine and trust (for example by checking out their Instructables profile). We strive to keep the quality of the listings high, but cannot guarantee their accuracy. When in doubt, ask lots of questions in the comments!

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cosmoneer8 months ago

So, if we want to sell a kit based on a project, can we add the link to the instructable itself?

guyfrom7up9 years ago
cool, I was going to make and sell kits this summer, so this will be great!

Yep! Sounds good!

Same here, I have a few kit ideas up my sleeve!
*hurriedly grabs graph paper, pencil, and random drawing tools*

Uh, yeah, me too!
JM19993 years ago

Lots of rules

halamka4 years ago
AM Shortwave Amplifier Radio Kit -- This kit has 2 transistors. The output goes to a crystal earphone. The input is a loop of wire. The loop is wrapped around the ferrite antenna on a crystal radio. Only the amplifier board is included. I tested it on a small ferrite rod about 2 1/2 inches long. It picks up between 2 to 20 stations. I test by tuning to kcbs, kgo, ksco, kidd. The tuned circuit can also be a shortwave coil 1 inch diameter with 13 turns thin wire and a tuning capacitor. Also included is a schematic.
Jonlo5 years ago
Just a general question:

Is it okay to provide a link from an Instructable to a post/listing in the Kit Forum?

I was going to add a post from my 'How to Build a Qwik-Solar' Instructable with a link to the Qwik-Solar kits offered here in this forum -

Is that okay to do - is it allowable? Just want to be sure it's okay before I do it.

ewilhelm (author)  Jonlo5 years ago
Yes, please do.
Jonlo ewilhelm5 years ago
Thank you!
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