I just bought craploads of knex so i can build loads now. If you want to see how much here is the like to what i bought:

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~Aeronous~7 years ago
NAAAAAWW!! I bidded for that! GRRRRRRRRRRR......
DJ Radio8 years ago
Im getting a huge shipment of knex for free! I have sweet interweb hookups.
Pht. Of my entire collection of knex, I have only paid for one thing. $30. And you know how big my collection of knex is...... The joys of christmas, and people who don't use their knex anymore......
You are so lucky. I bought 4 different knex sets, got one for free on my 8th birthday, and now Im getting this new shipment which wasn't as big as I originally thought.
I can get enough to build the SR-v2 with the shipment though....
Good for you. I had enough ages ago...

Please tell me how.
Well, I had not many peices from christmasses when I was a younger. I also had a friend of my mum's, who didn't use their knex anymore. So, they sent it to me, which in turn doubled my collection.
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