Anybody wanna buy about 20lbs of knex?  I'm selling for $100 plus shipping.

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builder9687 years ago
You're leaving, too? Also, 20lbs for $100 is a lot of money. I got 14lbs for $35
MotaBoi (author)  builder9687 years ago
The average price on ebay is $10 per pound.
Wow. Are you sure you're looking at US prices, not Canadian prices?
MotaBoi (author)  builder9687 years ago
I'm looking at all listings. If you can find some cheaper, for example 1lb for $5, I'll sell it to you for 50 plus shipping. Not going lower than that though, and only if you find it for that price.
3451387 years ago
I might purchase this, need to ask my mom first.
MotaBoi (author)  3451387 years ago
Kiteman7 years ago
(Moved to marketplace)
MotaBoi (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
~Aeronous~7 years ago
Wait, this excludes our deal yes? I'll pay $30, and all the postage as long as you add a few black rods in.
MotaBoi (author)  ~Aeronous~7 years ago
Sorry I don't have any.
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