Why whenever I search knex, Knex Wheel by Trevminster ALWAYS comes to the top? WHY??????

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Vynash9 years ago
but if you press recent thell be all the things that happened recently :)
Bartboy (author)  Vynash9 years ago
thats what I do, but why is the knex racing wheel number one????
It's the randomizer; that's the order they pop up in, and if you hit the randomizer button on the same line as recent, it changes em up. Btw, yours is first now. Oh, and is a knex pool table innovative? Odd, but still....
Well if you come up with a whole separating the "white" billiard from the rest and then having the others go down ramps into a storage area until you pull a lever to let them all out instead of just making pockets then hell yeah...but if you use normal basket pockets then I won't feel much for it. Of course that would be much harder.
For the 'white' billiard, a half yellow, half red ball is used, then the rest are either solid red or yellow. And yeah, they go through the pockets into a sort of rack thing and come out of the middle leg when you pull out a red rod(I could make a lever, though).
Vynash Bartboy9 years ago
no idea :S
Vynash9 years ago
yeah and other ibles i hate it lol