Knex AR-8 Prototype

This is a hopper fed assault rifle prototype that has knex gun builder's 90 trigger and hopper system. But It also features my Creeping Death handle. It has decent range with on band, like 35 ft and it gets a good ROF. Sorry for only one picture.

Links to the future prototypes/ versions:
AR-8 Prototype I
AR-12 Prototype II
AR-18 Prototype III
AR-20 Prototype IV

Picture of Knex AR-8 Prototype
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looks alot like my trigger tbh...
Well yeah in fact a lot of people use it, without lokking to yours.. It's just a standard one. TD's oodammo pistols have it too, for example.
i realised that my design was different after posing but was too lazy to do something about it.
Yeah, I see, it's nothing big though
Not to join in the bashing, but the overall design of that trigger is quite old and made in many different ways. As far as that specific construction of the design, I don't know, you might've done that first, but only in that way.
A lot of people use that trigger. I cant say who the first was, but I think it was a guy from KI.
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude6 years ago
Thanks you man =D Wait for the Mk1 version =D
I cant lol XD
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude6 years ago
Its out now XD
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