K'nex ATV entry

Here's my entry for the contest "Random Knex Contest #1" from kNeXFreek

I tried to stick to the colors in the image given by kNeXFreek

It has independent suspension on all 4 wheels and it can steer with the front wheels

I changed the wheels, see the new (first 3) images

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Just a need bigger wheels

That is the BEST ATV on this site XD But It needz bigger wheels =(

The Nomlack5 years ago
GTRPLR19956 years ago
Looks good, I like it a lot.
Mr. Muggle6 years ago
That's sure cool
KnexFreek6 years ago

 H  O  L  Y                 F  R  E  A  K  I  N  G                C  R  A  P

thats intense. i understand that you dont have bigger wheels for it, so when i judge it, i will judge it like it has scaled-to-size wheels on it.

but dude. that is soooooooooooooo awesome. im going to subscribe and 5 star this. i want to see more from you in the future to come.

W O W  freaking kicka$$

floris2burn (author)  KnexFreek6 years ago
Notice: I changed the small wheels with large ones
though, these are still a bit too small. But large gears would suck as wheels

and caus of these bigger wheels, the front wheels get stuck when you steer to the far ends
chopstx6 years ago
Cool, but put some bigger wheels on that thing!

~KGB~6 years ago
wow! 5*
travw6 years ago
Looks too messy in my opinion.
DJ Radio6 years ago
Looks awesome, too bad knex doesn't make bigger wheels.
floris2burn (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
the suspension and steering mechanism became a bit big, so the rest of the model followed that.. but the wheels stay small XD
and i didn't plan on using the other k'nex wheels caus these just stick at the end of a rod. And they look nicer