Knex Amory

hey guys. Why wont anyone join my group Knex Armory? I mean, its my 1st group and all, so i just wanted a few knex freaks like myself to join. PLS comment & join.

Picture of Knex Amory
C:\Users\Alec\Pictures\2007-11-24 niko is so big silly boy\niko is so big silly boy 022.JPG
C:\Users\Alec\Pictures\2007-11-17 ghadd\ghadd 002.JPG
C:\Users\Alec\Documents\gorkems sniper.jpg
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You must not have a lot of pieces, for you didn't finish the SR-4, and did you really make Gorkem's, cause you have the pic from the movie
Enlighten me as to where you can see that he didn't have enough pieces to finish the morretti.
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  j-chode!9 years ago
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic9 years ago
i had like 4 other guns at the time.
no i didn't make gorkems.
how do I join !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Knexagon10 years ago
What's this group about?
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  Knexagon10 years ago
it's about all knex guns, grenades, bows, crossbows, cannons, mines, and any other type of weapon.
How do you join?It won't let me
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  Knexagon9 years ago
try now.
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