Knex Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947

This is my latest project, the (in)famous Avotomat Kalashnikova 1947, AKA the AK47!\
I'll post a full set of instructions if there's enough intrest!

-Dr Richtofen for the stock.

See ya in a next post!

Picture of Knex Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947
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Nice AK! You should post instructions.

Kona-chan (author)  The Knex Inventor10 months ago

internals are profided, it is no longer build,

this was made almost a year ago, I never leave guns build that long.

Okay. BTW are you still building guns?

Kona-chan (author)  The Knex Inventor10 months ago

I currently have a random lmg build, might do a collab with someone soon..

Okay. Great!

Kona-chan (author)  The Knex Inventor10 months ago

every now and then

Neat. Could you please consider building something to enter in my "Unofficial Instructables 2017 K'NEX Gun Contest"? It is open from Jan 16th - May 29th. The official rules and prize descriptions are listed on the contest page.

Kona-chan (author)  The Knex Inventor9 months ago

I currently have no time, i'll see about that.

random_builder10 months ago

The lighting is odd, but the gun looks good!

Kona-chan (author)  random_builder10 months ago

but thanks for the compliment

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