Knex Awards 2009 Winners Announced!!!

Hey guys!

Yes I know there are already awards for the best gun, but these are different.

Put simply these are awards to do with knex.

Well you want to know who won right?

Best Replica
the runner up is Killer~SafeCrackers winchester!

And the winner is...
AK47 by Bakenbitz!!!

Best non weapon
the runner up is... Chaos Ball Machine!

and with all but 2 of the votes, the winner is...
the Miter Saw by Shadowman39!!!

Best knexer
the runner up no-one because only one person who joined in 2009 was nominated.

and the winner is...

(shadowman and kNeXFreek were unable to be accepted into this
category as they joined in 2008, sorry but it"s the rules.)

And what you have been waiting for, the best weapon of 2009,
the runner up is MeZak!
and the winner of best weapon of 2009 is...
this pistol!

No seriously the winner of best weapon of 2009 is...
the Turret rifle by KILLERK!!!

well thank you for reading, look out for these awards next year, feel free to comment all you want now, thank you and good night.

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KnexFreek7 years ago
 :( i only made an account back in 2008 just to post one measly comment on a gun :( then i left... FOR almost 2 years. THEN i came back to the site one day when i was bored. I had completely forgotten i was even a member ! I was too lazy to make a new account, so i just re-emailed myself the password and then signed in and am where i am today :)
Fred the Penguin (author) 7 years ago
sorry been away on camp, today is the first day since the 13th that I can use a computer.
 LOL i will delete that comment
Fred the Penguin (author)  KnexFreek7 years ago
yes, it was your bad, Skype?
 yes, yes indeed.


Skype?  No sorry :( We have a bunch of people over at the house right now. 
srry :(
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