Knex Ball Machine Video + Pictures!!!


This is a knex ball machine i made a while back which i just never got round to filming so here it is Paths: 7/8 if you count the race element as two
Pieces: Used about 6500
Elements: i think 15 in total 13 different and i created one or two my self

I sure i owe a lot of people credit so if you think you deserve credit because you've seen something that you made or whatever don't get stressed out just post a comment and i will put your name below

Darth Trainman
I havn't thought of a name yet so any sugestions would be much obliged if anyone has any ideas

Picture of Knex Ball Machine Video + Pictures!!!
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Shadowman396 years ago
Cool ball machine! The ferris wheel path is my favorite.
The_Lost_Carrot (author)  Shadowman396 years ago
Thanks, that means a lot coming from you.
Nice job! Haven't seen you before have you been here a while?
The_Lost_Carrot (author)  shadowninja316 years ago
I joined in 2009 but in 2010 I took a break for a while I just started again on this site very recently I changed my name from killerboy to the lost carrot not much better but oh well lol
Cool! Well good job!
The_Lost_Carrot (author) 6 years ago
Pictures Added
~KGB~6 years ago
thats quite kool!
The_Lost_Carrot (author)  ~KGB~6 years ago
no prob!