Knex Ball Machine - Schizoid

Here is my newest ball machine, Schizoid.  It is four feet tall, uses a chain lift and has seven paths.  It took ten days to build.  Enjoy!


Picture of Knex Ball Machine - Schizoid
Schizoid 002.jpg
Schizoid 003.jpg
Schizoid 004.jpg
Schizoid 005.jpg
Schizoid 006.jpg
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bumboozer7 years ago
post please
kutlulknex7 years ago
i like every ball machine
(except that one of my enemy, that (*)hole has a ball machine of over 12 feet
, it is freaking much)

kutlulknex7 years ago
yea men
stay doing it this good
and u be a pro and get in my special HALL OF FAMOUS BUILDERS
it is starting soon and of course the guys darthtrainman2000 and shadowman39 is going to come in that report
~KGB~7 years ago
nice ball machine!
knexfreak957 years ago
 wow dude awesome i hope my ball machine will beat tht :) good job dude
knexfan91827 years ago
Use a smaller embedded player.
Mr. Muggle7 years ago
Amazing! 7 paths in such a compact ball machine, good innovative elements, because this is very good I'll rate it 4.5 *