Knex Ball Machine - Splat

This is a small ball machine that I made while I was sitting in my bedroom thinking about my childhood. I was origionally going to post it, but it didn't quite turn out the way I intended. Its small, and is fun to show to guests and whatnot.

For those wondering about the name, me and my buddy had just finished editing the video. I realised that I needed a name for it, and just that moment my buddy's bird puked on my head, making a splat sort of sound. Presto, the name splat.

Since the video wasn't going to be anything special, I put it to ragtime music and aged it accordingly.

Hope you like it!



I've counted the pieces. Just for the heck of it, I'll run a little contest to see who can guess closest to the real number. The prize is a virtual high five and cookie. Closes on Friday.

Updated - Winners!

The correct answer is... (drum roll)... 1749! This means that cj81499 is the clear winner, being off by only 14 pieces! Good job, and congratulations! Thanks for guessing everyone.

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if i make this can i post it (and of corse giving credit to you)
Sure thing.
DJ Radio8 years ago
How many balls do you have? I have 5.
I_am_Canadian (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
About 10.
I have 21 :-)
I have 4!!! (Yeh i know im a year late i just couldn't resist)
I have 3, ( two on some where elsewe all know)
RNB Shadowman397 years ago
Where do you ever buy all that balls? exept the 'new' balls, I have only 4 of them!
Shadowman39 RNB7 years ago
eBay. :-) I hate the new balls, lol. I have around 9 of them, and I never use them.
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