Knex Ball Machine - Xyphos

 This is my newest Knex ball machine, Xyphos.  It is five and a half feet tall, has five paths and three lifts (credit to Shadowman39 for the first two).  Hope you like it!

kutlulknex7 years ago
much paths
good working
no failure
perfect video
(funny stop with timer)
not too small

10+10+10+10+10(+10)= a 5* star

there are builders who are beginners (like me)
but u aren't and u still earned a 5* star (i mean of course shadowdarthtrain etc. get 10 star for their best ones) but u did it
the best guys are from ur home
and also
zchan11207 years ago
When are you going to make another one?
zchan11207 years ago

Awesome!! 5 stars!!

I couldn't believe that you didn't have an average of 4 stars or higher, so I tried rating it 5 stars several times, but it didn't work ):

I also built the stair lift using Shadowman's instructions, and I built the second lift but bigger.

Awesome!! 5 stars!!

Mr. Muggle7 years ago
first view and first rate