K'nex Ball Machines

I've noticed that there has been a recent rise of ball machines being made by the k'nexers. I think this is great. I personally love ball machines and have made 4 of them. I am currently working on a 5th one which is approximately 170 cm. or 67 inches tall. It has 4 paths so far. Comment if you are currently building or planning a ball machine.

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Shadowman398 years ago
I'm working on a ball machine called Cataclysm. I'm almost finished with the main lift system.

neat post how to make the lift
This lift is long gone. In fact, that comment was the first ever comment I posted on Ibles!
Wow, you should make the car go down a runway back to the start so it can pick the balls up again without hassle.
who thats amazing i love the car and lift
blimey! and i thought wipeout was good. anyway i'm currently planning on building my own. gonna start when this lot of knex comes i bought from ebay =]
£27.70 (postage included) for 1200 pieces + case
bakenbitz8 years ago


How many knex pieces do you have?!?
Alot more then that takes up. Right now I have that bm built, knexsayer, my ak, adamsdead shotgun, my lancer, my torque bow and about 2k pieces left over. Old video of stuff -

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