Knex Ball machine Twister - TGKTR3 Entry - Now with video!


I finally finished my ball machine. Its by far my biggest build, eating thousands of pieces and many hours. I'm happy with the result though. It features a few larger elements, such as the "Yin Yang" as seen on KI, a switching element made of ball switchers, a large spiral bowl, a big arm dropper and a 2 stage element. All together it comes to over 90 feet of track!

The other main part of this ball machine is the lift mechanism, called "switchers" (I think...)
They are really cool. One of the drawbacks is that they require a fair bit of energy to work, so I had to gear my motors down t have enough torque. So its a bit slow, but I think its well worth it.

But enough of my biased intro, have a look for yourself!

Oh yeah, and thanks to The knex weasel, darth trainman, shadowman39, I used their ideas in this ball machine. Also thanks to Gortess, whom I borrowed a few pieces from.

Other cool facts...
Took a month and a bit to build
Took 2 hours to take apart
Uses 7000 pieces
Has over 90 feet of track!


The video has arrived! Sorry for the wait. Hope you enjoy it.

Here's the direct link.

I had to repost the video on a different account, so your comments/ratings are gone now, sorry. For anyone interested, there was 400 views when I took it down.

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9 Tracks? Thats gotta be a new record.
Nope 10 is.
There needs to be a machine with over 9000 paths.
If you were to build one like the labyrinth, you probably could, with it going around your house.
yah cause there was 10 in wipe out
Track 5 splits halfway, so I would count it as 10.
nah mine has 10 and still going!
where did you find the halp looped tyhing with drop in the center i would like to add it to my current ball machine
Its an element I came up with... There are a few others though, search "Yin yang" on youtube to find a few.
the lifts are a bit slow but the ball machine is very cool
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