Knex Bows(Not Crossbows)

I was looking for a design for a knex bow.(for a play at school)lol I made a rubber band bow, but I want to try to make a real string bow for school and battle bow for home. Any ideas?

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A rubberband bow is more powerful than a rope bow. I have a rope bow myself. The range is GREAT. It is able to shoot right trough a block of wood.
A knex rope bow?
the most hard thing is getting a arrow to slide smoothly over a long area. Like on yours, is has a connector in it, and it will toatally mess it up somtimes. i suggest you look at this this
Wicky10 years ago
Good idea, a longbow, I might try to make that out of a crossbow.
i have a full size bow. should i post?
adamsdead10 years ago
your aloud to bring bows to school?
Knexagon (author)  adamsdead10 years ago
Yeah I asked my teacher and he said it was alright so I just hid it when I walked by the prince(able)
Wicky10 years ago
Lolz my idea worked to perfection(almost) although it doesn't fire knex its still cool. I made it by heavily fortifying my crossbows front bow.
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are you going to post this
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