K'nex Builders' Challenge! WEEK 2

Hey guys! First off, last week's challenge was confusing, so, you can either post a pic or link to an instrucable YOU made. Anyway, dsman was the only participant, so hats of to him. Now for the challenge: Category GUN Spec 1- ROCKET LAUNCHER Spec 2- must have 14 white rods. Spec 3- SINGLE SHOT!!! GO FOR IT!!!! R&C

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Sorry For being late! The new version is a lot better, but I dont have pics of it yet. Instructions coming in a while.
oh god..
your gonna kill someone with that :O post video!
Ill try not to kill anyone.......:-p Ill post a video with the instructable. and
dear...god... I am canadian send me your knex powers!this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how long did it takre you to build?
Its posted!! Just click my name and it should be there.
Er.....I have been working on and off for about a month. I just finished it now about 10 Minets ago though... The pics are of the old version. Im iploading a bunch of pics today so ill get you some of the new version. Instructions will be coming asap
dsman1952769 years ago
lol, so i guess i win? anyway, hmm, i can't say i have a rocket launcher built right now, but i think i could come up with something... there is no way it would win. maybe the mod to KILLERK's magnum. just take out the orange connenctor at the front and take off the yellow rod on the ram. BAM you have a rocket launcher.
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