K'nex Car

My vehicle for the TNKIT. If you're gong to ask about the front wheels, I didn't have enough tires. And if it makes a difference, this was my first vehicle too.

Picture of K'nex Car
Picture 474.jpg
Picture 477.jpg
Picture 476.jpg
Picture 475.jpg
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jmm727 years ago
Amazing and this is your first car. i dont believe you 5*
DJ Radio8 years ago
Cool, resembles one of those cars in the Indy 500.
Err.... F1 you mean.
One of these in case you didn't know.
Indycar 500 = Introverted American F1 which they don't share with the world.

A bit late.
supah4x0r7 years ago
i could make that car turn if u post i have the smallest turning idea on the web
Which would fit ur car
GTRPLR19958 years ago
One word; POST
DJ Radio8 years ago
I forgot to ask, does this have a motor?
Knarez (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
DJ Radio Knarez8 years ago
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