Knex Ceatures.


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King_Banana7 years ago
almost no one will be able to make these but there kool
pls (author)  King_Banana7 years ago
Why not :o?!
King_Banana pls7 years ago
ball joints and y connectors
pls (author)  King_Banana7 years ago
Theres not to much.
King_Banana pls7 years ago
well i dont have very many and i inferred no one had this many...
Oh really? :P
Thats almost an unhealthy amount, lol. Just kidding man, wish i had that much K'nex.
I think he's banned...
If he was banned, he would have a line through his name.
I know, but he can't comment on anything etc, as you very well know.
thats not really bannage. at least he can login.
I was just letting Viccie know he probably wouldn't get a reply...
oh yeah i have three hundred JK i have about 45
OK really? Seriously put some money into some more important things lol.
As i've said before, I used to get knex for free... Mainly got the sets that had the knex people.
Too far, Mr. Bakey...

Too many, gimme some! .!
pls (author)  King_Banana7 years ago
bakenbitz7 years ago
Wow, I like that snake a lot! I made some weird creature type thing, I'll get a pic.
pls (author)  bakenbitz7 years ago
bakenbitz pls7 years ago
Here they are.
Halo Grunts...Add a backpack, and you've got them.
Looks nothing like them.
pls (author)  bakenbitz7 years ago
Haha those are cool!
barrax7 years ago
knex looks a lot better than lego at things like the spiders.
pls (author)  barrax7 years ago
J Moneyman7 years ago
looks like ur an organized person!
pls (author)  J Moneyman7 years ago
I try:)
J Moneyman pls7 years ago
dang... u should see my room. (can't even see the floor!)
pls (author)  J Moneyman7 years ago
knexguy7 years ago
You have too many ball-joints. Donate some to Ethiopian children.
pls (author)  knexguy7 years ago
knexguy pls7 years ago
wow lol
Oh my gosh, the snake is the coolest thing ever!
pls (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
ajleece7 years ago
i'm sure i have seen this before.......
pls (author)  ajleece7 years ago
I made a snake and deleted the other two an put them into one.