K'nex Challenge 2: 18th Sept - 11th Oct - FLIGHT

After the success of the last contest, Gmjhowe, =SMART= and myself decided we'd go for it and launch a second contest.

The first we really enjoyed and saw some awesome entries. This time we've decided to make the guidelines a wee bit looser so you can use your imagination more. We'll be setting a category for you to design and build within and then provide you with some example ideas to get you started. And this category is....


Anything plane, helicopter, glider, flight related is allowed. Please read the rules carefully.


  • Your entry must do something. It can't just be a model of a plane or a helicopter. We want them to move or glide or have spinning parts or be functional for something else around the house but be aircraft themed.
  • Entries must be over 50% knex. The remaining can be paper, glue, card, tissue paper.... anything!
  • To enter, write up a full instructable of your construction process with clear pictures and descriptions. Post the link here.
  • Please steer clear of guns. That's not what this is about.
  • Starting and closing dates are GMT.
  • What the judges say goes!
  • Have fun!
  • Judging - 12th Sept - 18th Sept


  • A propellor. Small and compact, if you design a good one you might get extra kudos if your design's then used in loads of other entries.
  • A ceiling plane. With a plastic propeller on the front and the top attached to a string to the ceiling, this plane will fly itself around in circles on a string.
  • Paper plane launcher. Probably the closest you'll get to a gun.
  • A vertical launch rocket. Rocket being a rocket model not a meagre collection of rods.
  • While knex by itself might not be light enough to fly.... perhaps you could run some string through the middle to make it appear to glide.... Mum's washing line might be of great help.


There will be patches for prizes. Gmjhowe will be uploading them soon.

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Hey, can I still enter my project? And when's the next one coming up?
Jayefuu (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
Go ahead and enter it. :D

When gmjhowe gets beack from his honeymoon, smart, him and i might get together to organise another. This one didn't get a great reception so I dunno yet...
Mkay, I'll get my photos up today.

You should make a new forum for each contest, this one got lost and I had to look for a while to find it... Might be easier and people will find it right away if its on the recents page.
Dang, missed it. I had an entry built too...
Hiyadudez8 years ago
Hmm... I missed this one too... Damn :(

When is the next contest?
DJ Radio8 years ago
Can I make a knex helicopter with working missile launchers?
I say that would be fine but it would need other features as well.
yes, it would have a spinning blade if I actually made one.
Jayefuu (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
That sounds good :)
smilee8 years ago
Has to be instructions
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