K'nex Claw Shield

This is something that I built awhile ago. I don't have it anymore, but I have enough pics to ,make an instructable. So, what do you think, post or no post?

Picture of K'nex Claw Shield
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bounty10128 years ago
I tried to make one of these, but failed epicly at it, PLEASE POST!
strato96 (author)  bounty10128 years ago
Maybey. I might do ot for christmas time.
That would be nice, my brother might get a little injured though... xD
strato96 (author)  bounty10128 years ago
It was actually pretty uncomfortable, but if I remake it, I might make that netter
Sounds awesome.
smilee8 years ago
I can't see what it is!
strato96 (author)  smilee8 years ago
Well basically it s a shield with a claw on it. it was pretty big. you put your hand in the back of it .