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Does anyone else in the community have twitter? Well, i do. I'll be giving updates on my knex projects. But PLEASE keep in mind that i also have a life. So i may be communicating with my friends, or things you don't understand, so PLEASE don't ask what on earth i'm talking about if you don't understand. I hate explaining inside jokes.
Anyways! Why don't you post yours? Also, if you have facebook, add me!

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The Jamalam8 years ago
Added your facebook, just dont post stuff about knex on my profile, k?
Why, are you embarrassed about your friends knowing?
My friend toby got beaten up because he played with k'nex last year, and we are sort of as popular as each other, so if anyone finds out, I'll be the next target.
I wonder what they would think of knex if you shot them in the face with a heavy cannon v1 from point blank?
Id just fight em, or flip em off.  A few of the kids at my school are actually impressed by my knex guns.  I got one of them to try knexing.
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
I went to America once, and everyone came accross as really friendly and there was a real sense of community. In the UK were me and Jamalam live everyone looks ready to stab you.
And there are some complete tossers, every week people get stabbed because they "dissed mark's football team" or something stupid. 
DJ Radio Lowney8 years ago
No wonder the people broke away from Britain.
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
It's annoying how America just seems to do everything better. Where I live, it is illegal to fly the British flag without paying a huge tax because it may "offend" members of the ethnic minority. It's f*cking pathetic.
Who are you on facebook? I was persuaded to join because I wanted to get back in touch with some old friends so Facebook was suggested. You can PM me if you want lol. In the space of 30 minutes I have a staggering 24 friends!
Lowney8 years ago
On twitter called Lowney
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