K'nex Contest

Upon reviewing the winners of the k’nex contest, we realized that we made a mistake in awarding prizes.  This was a combination of a small judging pool and lack of editorial control and insight on my part and I personally apologize for that.  As the new contest manager, I guarantee that this lapse in judgement will not happen again.  I want everyone to know that we value all of your contributions to the Instructables community and  we are taking steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen again including:
  • expert guest judges
  • more instructables staff judges
  • more editorial control

Remember, anyone who has posted an instructable is eligible to judge a contest, and we appreciate all the help we can get!  Please feel free to message me with any contest related questions.

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myOmy3 years ago

No offence to the judging team, but it worked my ass off for a shot at this contest. Not saying that I should have got a prize or anything, but some of the stuff you guys gave a prize to did not deserve it in my opinion. But that is my fault partially as well because I didn't know that I could be a "judge". I feel that since I came up with a Nerf-K'nex gun (which had never been done before) that I should have a better shot than someone who copied a gun off a website (other than instructables) and added a trigger (and they actually got a prize). That one really irked me. Oh well, there is always next year (that was a miniature rant wasn't it? Sorry if you caught a bad tone from me but I think that what I said was justified).

Sorunome myOmy2 years ago
"but some of the stuff you guys gave a prize to did not deserve it in my opinion."

That doesn't only happen with contests but also with front-page featurings.

I was the one who posted the gun and I have to be honest I didn't post the gun for the purpose of entering it in the contest. I was only posting it because I couldn't get it to work based on the original instructions (probably my fault) so I modified it a little and added some new parts. I decided to post instructions (giving full credit to the person who designed it) and when I was publishing it I noticed the contest and naturally entered the gun. I then became working on a project for the purpose of entering it in the contest. I was just as surprised as you were to discover I was a finalist in the contest. I'm sorry if you worked really hard on your entry.

I do not mean to bring offence to you, but in my opinion a slide action that has been made many many times should not have got a prize. But what the hay, it happened. I just thought that something new would be better suited for a contest.

And on a side note, i built that gun a year or two back, i couldn't get it to work either (the instructions are crap on the original) so congrats to you on making it work!

Well your argument does have a point, which I agree with. But hopefully you also agree this is no offence to the winners, who satisfied the judging criteria and did a good job.

All I can say is this, I would rather have seen two separate "Toy Rods and Connecters Contests" than just one, and here's why. In the first place, if one of my K'NEX guns shows up next to one of Sandroknexmaster's ball machines in a contest, the average Joe (or, rather, the average member of instructables) is obviously gonna vote for the ball machine. I can't say why that is, but it is so. Probably just because of the size and grandeur of the build. I don't know. The way I see it, this is unfair. Of course a ball machine is going to get more votes over a K'NEX gun, its like comparing apples and oranges, it doesn't make any sense.

There should have been, in my opinion, a K'NEX gun contest and a separate contest for the other stuff. You can't compare a K'NEX gun to an egg decorator... 0.-

I agree

That is what they did last year I think.

Hm, that's a good point! We will definitely keep that in mind for the next one!

That is what the did last year if I remember correctly.

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