Knex Controllable Machine Gun

This is where all future models of our machine gun will be posted. This is a project of a collaboration between me and theawesomestdude. We hope you enjoy. Suggestions and help and models and feedback are welcome.

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sonic broom2 years ago

So is this just a rubber band gun that fires one Rubber band for each trigger pull if so then maybe you should look at this gun it does the same thing but it has a much easier mech i built it and it worked great.

No, that's exactly the limitation we're trying to get over. We want a fully auto, but also controllable, slingshot. Normally, if you just let all the rubber bands go, they fire incredibly fast, seemingly at the same time you could say. It's more of a shotgun in that sense. And that's assuming it doesn't even jam up. So, we've been studying different methods to make a "controllable" full auto, that is it would fire at a slower rate. One of the methods I proposed (and others such as myOmy may have independently as well) was to create a mechanism where the band that was just fired will trigger the gun after it reaches a certain point. The difficulty in this so far has been making a strong enough trigger mech that can take the stress of upwards 8 bands but still be actuated by the force of just one band. You can see where physics isn't our friend here.

Try something like this:

Mechanism around 2 minutes in.

myOmy (author)  Mepain2 years ago

I have a working prototype like the video shows, but youtube is being stupid right now . . . so yeah.

Thanks, but I've no problem with the concept itself. I'm struggling to think up a trigger design in K'nex. I basically have the gist of what I'm trying to accomplish, a trigger mechanism that slides off the cog and catches it by like a hair, something easy for the power of one band to actuate. But I just can't figure out any combination of parts and layouts that do that. I ask for help and haven't seen a trigger like that yet. Meanwhile, people keep spitting out these proof of concepts and I get hopeful but then they say stuff like "It doesn't work well with more than 2 bands" and then it's back to the drawing board.

myOmy (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

I have a working prototype like the video shows, but YouTube is being stupid right now . . . so yeah.

didexo Mepain2 years ago

Guy makes sick guns.

The gun that i gave a link to is controllable it fires one band upon pull of the trigger and can hold more then 8 bands

But it only fires one band. That's called semi automatic. What we're talking if fully automatic, hold down the trigger and it'll keep firing at a consistent fire rate.

okay now i get it hope to see a working gun made with this if it's so awesome. but any way why not just use a motor connected to the cog to spin it at a constant rate and pull the trigger to switch the motor of and on.

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