Knex For sale !!

Ok so most of you may have noticed that i have not been on istructables for a while and you may have guessed that i have quit knex as i have moved on to other things and i have no inspiration etc but yeah.

i have around 20 kg of knex for sale and i will also throw in my rubberbands and all thing that i used for my knex, so if you are intrested make an offer i live in England but i would be able to ship to (America,Canada,Australia and a couple more if needed)

so what im thinking is that if you would like them place a comment so i know and also i would prefer paypal and if you live out of england it will most likely be posted by ship not airmail as is alot more expensive

so yeah thanks please comment i will also leave what guns i have made up in the package if possible and i will post some pictures of it all out in a day or two thanks put a good offer in

( would prefer if your offers are posted in gbp but i can convert easy enough )

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do u still have it??? i'm ready to shell out 100$
Randomguy657 years ago
*slaps himself* *sighs*
knex mad (author)  TheFoofinator7 years ago
i have been out for a long time but never said and now i have decided that i have grown out of them so yeah o well but are u intrested in buying the knex
fuzi knex mad7 years ago
put pictures please and where do you live (city)
knex mad (author)  fuzi7 years ago
i live in yorkshire would you be able to give me an email adrees and ill send you the pics because instructables wont let me post the pics if you would be so kind to do that please also i would i would just like you to be sure that you want the and are commited to buy them :P
fuzi7 years ago
yeah im interested live in england how much
knex mad (author)  fuzi7 years ago
also i have around 5000-6000 pieces so postage would be around 15-20 £ just so you no
knex mad (author)  fuzi7 years ago
oh around 100-150 posibbly dunno make an offer and we can make a deal
DJ Radio7 years ago
would you be willing to sell part of the lot to different customers?
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