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Ok this should be now a random thread for knex because the other wasnt working so talk about knex, post your ideas and pictures, ask questions and just generally talk.

to put it in a couple of words:



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Imperar10 years ago
My latest creation - Knex Convertable Supercar Positive Features (all functional): - Convertable roof - Differential - Gearbox - Rotary Engine - Steering Negative features: - Harder to steer - Squeeking on wheels - No chairs (lack of parts) - High engine/drive shaft maintenance
johnk Imperar5 years ago
do you remeber how u did the i call it the 4x4 switch
crestind Imperar10 years ago
And what did you use to make the CAD video?
Imperar crestind10 years ago
The CAD I used was Google Sketchup. the 3D animation support was done by a plugin called SketchyPhysics. All can be downloaded free.
Furloy Imperar8 years ago
i made a skatepark in google skechup
Jesus. Imperar8 years ago
post it now now post it now and i will feel very stupid if you have posted it
Imperar Imperar10 years ago

This car is officially motor powered.
thats pretty cool and nice stop motion
Thanks :)
crestind Imperar10 years ago
Ok too many comments but the video was awesome too. :P What songs did you use by the way?
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