Knex Freeslinger review

Well,he wanted me to make a review,so here it is!:

piece usage: it use not realy a much,but i use 3(or 2) broken piece.i give it a 8/10!

ROF:pump action guns have always a high ROF,but if you use 64 or thicker elastic then the elastics cant go under the bullet.I give it a 7/10

power: its not powerfull,that says knexfreek self. i give it a 6/10

comfort:the handle is realy comfort,and the pump too! i give it a 9/10

strenght:its realy strong,but it have some weak points. i give it a 8/10

Mag: i never seing this mag before,but it use one broken piece,and its one of the weak points of the gun. i give it a 7/10

elastics:you can only use 1 string of 64 size elastics,but you can add a much of 32 elactics!
i give it a 8/10

reliability:its very reliably,but a rachet is always reliably. i give it a 9/10!

size: super small for a pump action,i think its 4 times smaller then the knexsayer....
i give it a 10/10!

range:i get great range with it! i get 40 feet with only 1 string of 32!
i give it a 10/10

looks: not realy cool looking,but i like the looks. i give it a 8/10

innovation:this thing is realy realy innovation! i give it a 9/10

accuracy:not the best accuracy for a gun.but its a oke accuracy.i give it a 7/10

capacity: the mag can only hold 4-6 shots,but you can make a bigger mag.
i give it a 6/10

i hope you like my review,and if you build it and like it ,THEN YOU NEED TO SUBSCRIE HIM.

hope thats clear enough!

here is a pic of mine

Picture of Knex Freeslinger review
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sprout_less7 years ago
 Your grammar is awful, not saying mine is a that great but yours...
cool bas3 (author)  sprout_less7 years ago
yeah i know
knexfreak957 years ago
 great job buddy
cool bas3 (author)  knexfreak957 years ago
thank you you builded it?
 neh i am busy sort and messing around on you know what
cool bas3 (author)  knexfreak957 years ago
do you have any guns?
not right now but working on the you know what
cool bas3 (author)  knexfreak957 years ago
lol,only my brother know it.
my parents dont know it
lol how old is your brother (not meaning as a creeper question)
cool bas3 (author)  knexfreak957 years ago
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