Knex Grabber

I am sure many of you are familiar with my knex claw grabber. I deleted my old account so I could have all of my instructables on the same account. However, I will only repost it if enough positive comments are made. I really don't care if you spam positive comments. Any comment advertising something unrelated will be deleted. I am sure some of you are familiar with my old grabber, seen below. Recently, I made a grabber roughly the size of smickel's knex claw. Please note that I made my old grabber before he did, so I did not copy him, nor did he ever copy me. Proof can be found on the deleted instructable. My little claw grabber, which by the way I dubbed Grabber Jr., has many different attatchments such as an extra handle so you can hold it horizontally, different pumps so you can use the one that's right for you, a cool little attatchment to the front which allows you to open it wider, customizable space capacity, up to three spikes at the end to help you grasp something better, different lengthed coloumns, and other neat little attatchments. So, this is for all you dedicated knex builders out there; Should I repost my original knex grabber? If I should, should I also post Grabber Jr.?

Picture of Knex Grabber
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joshqua3 years ago
Thau Shalt Post!!
Sorunome4 years ago
....useless but cool! xD
mdman104 years ago
looks great can you post instructions?
DB20164 years ago
SuperVader (author) 5 years ago
hunter9995 years ago
pls post it it is great the best 5*s
verypoopy5 years ago
how long is it?
fredboekel5 years ago
plees post i love it
i am the only one who rated!!! you know that right?
rubber man6 years ago
post them all and the one in the picture
DJ Radio6 years ago
Post it.
SuperVader (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I will try my best. Give me a while. One big problem, however; I scrapped the Grabber Jr. due to my younger brother taking it apart. I did make a neat one that encases your arm, looks really robotic, I will try my best. please allow a few months at the most!
DarkVolt6 years ago
Post it.
knexguy6 years ago
I did think 'energy sword' when I saw it, lol. I would love to see someone make a grabber where each of the arm was a mini grabber.
smilee6 years ago
Post it.