Knex Gun

Nothing new but looks cool(real) This was inspired by the Buzzard Gun made by The Drum Hero(Jamie sorry for mispell) But i have taken off several parts to make it more accurate and a smoother look. I have built this over and over to find the best way this can look and fire and this way seems to be the best. Also my sight i hsve made, which is the best sight i have seen.

Picture of Knex Gun
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jesseq8 years ago
please make an instructable
That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy and it doesn't even shoot far
Vynash10 years ago
whooo even know ive seen this before
DJ Radio Vynash9 years ago
are you the drum master?
Vynash DJ Radio9 years ago
No not really I know how to play like 2 beats. What makes you say that?
omg its completely different from yours they look nothing alike
yeah it looks much different but it is a mod
ILIKEPIE3339 years ago
looks interesting, post
Prranavan9 years ago
Please post
coolkid1099 years ago
hey can you make an instructable on this gun?
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