Knex Gun Ideas (All Welcome)

It seems more over the years that the Knex guns' evolution is slowing down. People are not sharing their ideas with others in fear of others copying their ideas. There is nothing wrong with others modding your guns. The only way Knex guns are going to keep improving is if we all post ideas on how to make a more innovative gun. I would like everyone to post any ideas no matter how bad you may think they were. Drawing and Pictures would help greatly. You don't know it but a design that you gave up on someone else might be able to make it work.

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sonic broom3 years ago

A knex gun that uses the power of gravity to shoot the ammo. maybe a hammer connected to a weight that drops and polls the hammer forward please give credit to me if you use this

RedStark6 years ago
a chain gun with a full body (not a skeleton)
jmm727 years ago
a gatling gun with magizines so when you pull back each ram for each barrel all the barrel will be reloaded
Oblivitus7 years ago
I opened the same opportunity up to the community on my Knex Concepts instructable and made a forum just like this one, but I've only heard a handful of ideas since I posted those months ago. If you have any ideas Sketch98, I'd like to hear them too. I'll put anything I like enough on the Knex Concepts instructable.
a corner shot modded to fit th e glock 18 out of knex
Sketch98 (author)  altair ibn la ahad7 years ago
That is a great idea, all you have to do is have everything in the half that turns. The trigger would be a block trigger but when you bend it it would turn true.