K'nex Gun Request

Could someone make a knex pistol meeting the following requirements? 1. The firing mine does not come out of the back of the gun. 2. It has a slide. 3. It has a mag. 4. It fires at least 20 feet. 5. The mag is easy to re-fill. Please? Thanks, BB

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Booyah, booyah, and booyah!!! Except the firing pins come out the back and no slides.


This post is 6 years old. Not a single person that commented on this in the last 5 years is even around any more.

Wow dude that is a long time.

Yep. :)


Bartboy (author)  master-splinter3062 years ago

I still exist!

Nice simple pistol there, but I believe I was trying to make one where the pin didn't stick out + had a slide so that it would feel more realistic. Oh well


the ksp-1 meets all you specs but it has no slide
br-8 with slide? it dosent have a mag but it has a relvolver
Bartboy (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak8 years ago
Hmmm............ I was hoping for a pistol/sidearm.
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