K'nex Gunning Guide Video Series

Alright, it's simple, I originally wanted to make a guide, but in instructables or wiki form. This wouldn't be quite as helpful, and I want to start making videos again, so I figured I'd start up a video series purely for making K'nex weapons. It'd help out newbs by teaching them all the common techniques to hopefully get them past the generic gun stage and start making their own creations. At the least, it'll be a time killer for me this summer. Does anyone else that's good on camera want to help out? The format will be simple, we'll start linear in lessons but then reach a point where we'll branch off so that newbs can decide what they want to learn about next. The first video will introduce them to gunning in general, the most basic parts (pin, trigger, and barrel). Then we'll work up from there. So each episode will explain a concept or part, show demonstrations of different constructions of a part or concept (for example, all the different types of barrels you can make), then we'll build in real time a gun using what we just taught. We'll tell them the piece count and give detailed instructions so they can build along and make a weapon to understand what they just learned. We'll hopefully mix it up enough so they're not getting the same generic building methods hammered into them (i.e. use different bodies, barrels, triggers, etc. each time).

So yeah, I'm hoping to spit a few out each week if possible. I'll only need a couple others to help out just because I don't want to tackle every part and concept by myself. We'll probably need to design new, simple weapons for the sake of demonstrating a single concept without complicating the rest of it. A little change up in persons should keep the series interesting. I need people with good speaking skills ("um"s will need to be few and far between) and good video quality.

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JonnyBGood2 years ago

Wow... all the originals are back on one page...

So as normal I kind of glanced at the general conversation below my comment and it seems to me that the general consensus is to get more builders in our hobby, and methods to go about doing so. My opinion on the matter is that I agree with the informational short summarized video approach. I agree to this because youtube seems like the easiest main street to a media presence. However we have to put some body to these videos that would attract a larger audience, making it minimally amusing to someone who doesen't even want to try to make K'nex guns. As to how, I don't know, I'm not a youtube sensation.

Lastly I always laugh when I see an older member preach about the innovation of the good old days. Seriously, there is still innovation on the site. K'nex guns now have higher standards on functionality and appearance thanks to all that work back then. Don't discount what you guys started the new crowd (including myself) still have some tricks up our sleeves.

Sorry too rant, but thats kind of my style.

TheDunkis (author)  JonnyBGood2 years ago

I'll see what I can figure out. I'll just start making videos and see what sort of format I settle into. At worst, I'll remake videos if they end up too long or not informational enough. And I'm not taking ownership of this by any means. The idea was that we could make this a community project.

I don't know if that's the exact message you got from me. I didn't mean to put off that K'nex guns have been going downhill. I've been saying they've started to plateau. Back then, we just came up with more new concepts in a shorter time, there were rapid developments. And a newb could come up with something simple but novel. The example I overuse is that as a newb I came up with the angled handle magazine. Incredibly trivial now, something new back then. So we could contribute to innovation as well. Nowadays, what we see today is similar to what we've seen a couple years ago. It's not like we have anything revolutionary. I'm not saying you guys don't have cool ideas, we do see them, just not as often. Partly it's just less people building in general, so we're depending on the few of you still building on a regular basis to keep innovation alive. But then the regular innovators tend to be older fellows who don't have the time to build on quite a regular basis. I've plenty of ideas left myself, just not the skill nor time to complete them. I don't doubt there is a lot left to accomplish. It's just that things are getting more difficult, we're getting busier, and we're not getting new people filling our shoes.

Well if it's a community project, count me in! I'll be happy to make a video, given someone sets the standards first. Also I'd like to see the first video so when its out.

Secondly I don't mean to sound like I think the original members think the community is going downhill. I don't know exactly how to put how I translate some of comments so I'll stop trying too. =P

Another idea to spread popularity of our hobby is too try to get other si.Lila hobby group interested. I'm going to try reaching out to the Nerf community because I consider knex a step up from nerf (as far as ranges and skill required) and a step below airsoft and paintball (in my opinion). We just need to emphasize the total customizability of our hobby compared to these others.

That's some more of my thoughts on the matter.

TheDunkis (author)  JonnyBGood2 years ago

That's what I planned on. Setting up a format and then letting other people develop the series so it'd grow at a reasonable pace without my hand. But now I've little time to begin the series so I'll see if I can accomplish that before I leave. Otherwise it might be a few months.

Well regardless, there's plenty left to innovate, we could use some fresh minds to help out.

I assume that was supposed to be "similar hobby group" though that was eerie given one of my sister's names is Lila. I don't know about tiering K'nex relative to Nerf and Airsoft, but I will say that Nerfers will probably be the most interested. Especially with the new line of foam dart shooting K'nex sets, I'm really hoping to grab so newbies that way. I'm sure the potential builders are out there. There are people who if you showed them a K'nex gun and asked them if they wanted to learn how to do it, they'd say yes. I'm sure there are plenty. It's just a matter of finding them. I've also considered going on the K'nex Facebook page and posting about K'nex weapons, but I know that might not fly well.

TheDunkis (author) 2 years ago

Well, just never got around to it, and now I'm sorry to say I'll probably be out of action for a bit. I just got a job out of town. I'll be preparing for that until I move. I'll be moving in with my friend at his parents' house temporarily until he finds a house. So until then, I'll only be taking the bare minimum with me which won't include my K'nex. After we do get a house (sometime later this spring), I'll bring the rest of my crud over and can start building again.

Growth in community will come with great builds.

And great builds come with fresh ideas. Fresh ideas from new people. Innovation has stagnated of late, anything that could draw attention to the community and bring some new people would help us move onwards.


TheDunkis (author) 2 years ago

Reviving this topic. Geez, been two and a half years since I posted this. Time, where does it go? Anyway, I'm interested in starting this again. College occupied a lot of my time. Now it's mostly just my job, games, and friends. Recently I've been tired of gaming, so I'll probably try to be more productive, but as if I've held a K'nex related promise that many times... Anywho, the community has been dwindling for a while now. One of the reasons I suspect is because it's just harder for newbs to jump in. It's not as accessible. They don't have as much they can provide, but they have a lot to catch up on before they feel accepted. Basically my goal is to introduce people to K'nex gunning and get them up to speed as quick as possible.

This is a work in progress, but I'm thinking the starting order will go something like this:
1. Basics of K'nex guns - I show an incredibly simple block trigger weapon. I go over the firing pin and block trigger. I'll also introduce the tube barrel concept.
2. Basics of power - I think this will be good to teach ASAP, and it'll naturally lead into Killerk's pistol. Basically just introduce the bullet lock concept and maximizing pin length in order to get the most range.
3. The true trigger - Something else I want to get out of the way ASAP. Block triggers are so obsolete, most builders here probably don't even know what I'm talking about. I'll probably just use a tube barrel weapon with a true trigger. I may need to introduce handles in this too.
4. Block bodies and barrels - I'll basically talk about how tube barrels are good for range and accuracy, but are otherwise not piece efficient or as easy to design with. I'm going to skip magazines on tube barrels because, while easy, they're just not a good design practice. I'd rather get them into block barrels right away before moving into magazines. I'll go over each barrel type in separate videos, so for this one I'd just start with a simple snowflake-connector width barrel and make it a simple single shot.
5. This is where things are more open-ended. Difference concepts could be introduced by this point, but some would optimally be done after others, though not necessarily. I'd probably want to discuss some more practical, but simple barrel-body types before getting into other concepts. I'd probably introduce the yellow connector-black hand-rod width barrel.
6. I'd like to introduce magazines as an option to learn about by this point. I'd probably introduce the concept of magazines first with a basic fixed on. Videos in the magazine series would then show examples of different magazines for each ammo and then get into more advanced topics like removable magazines, roofed magazines, etc.

That's all I really have planned at the moment. It could really go in many different directions, but we'd have to make sure we're all on the same page.

I don't think there are new builders to teach. Lack of innovative content has in turn made interest decline. The best thing you can do for the knex gun community is to keep building guns. We can't get anybody to make them for us.

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