Knex hammer action pistol

Here is my knex H.A.S.A, that stands for hammer action side arm. It can shoot 15-20ft with one rubberband. It just a single shot hammer action pistol. I do have a reason why I post this one. The mechanism can be made much smaller and more compact, being able to fit in a Colt realistic revolver shell. All you'd need to build is the revolver out of grey spacers and scotch tape. It could be done, I may or may not try and build one. Whatcha guys think?

Picture of Knex hammer action pistol
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Don't we all?
Johnhall144 years ago
He stopped making things a while back ending with his revolver =( Here's his page.
Try making a python if if you do build a revolver =)
Johnhall144 years ago
I thought abut making a revolver once with a design like this. I had at one point made a cylinder out of a dowel rod that worked quite well that I used in my own version of the spiran(I think that's his name) revolver, I just never got around to adding the hammer system. Sadly I lost the cylinder,but that doesn't matter too much cause the cylinder must be sized to the gun that you plan on using it in.
Pretty cool. A fun little gun that people could build if bored. :P

The second picture's image note seems like a challenge for me. :3
You're welcome
didexo4 years ago
didexo4 years ago
Cool, I'm not a fan of hammer guns though.
Meh, to each his own.
O...K... that was kinda weird.

You don't like it? Huh, funny.
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