Knex HD Circular Saw

This Circular Saw that you see here is one of the many knex things i've been working on, but have not shown you guys because of not really wanting to post anything in the past... however long it was. A little more about this saw is: it is the first Circular Saw on this site if i'm not wrong. If this saw was real; it would have a Gasoline engine for power and instead of a motor being in the old motor compartment, it would have a massive spindle brake so that it stopped spinning faster. Some things that is saw lacks is the fuel tank, the blade guard, and an on/off switch. I would have loved to add those things to it, but I ran out of some parts that were vital to their creation. A quick fact about the blade; The blade's diameter is 8 7/8" or roughly 225mm. The blade's thickness is about 7/10" or 17.8mm thereabouts.

Overall, I think that it turned out alright but could have been much better. Still something to look at every now and then I suppose. It was fun to make, and was something to do.

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jingo695 years ago
looks great, love the blade :) Thank you for coming back to instructables!
Kiteman5 years ago
My dad built a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.

It doesn't mean that I can...
very funny

I didn't claim too
Shadowman395 years ago
Cool saw! I like how you built the blade. But, I believe this is the first circular saw on this site.
...What does it do?
It's not supposed to do anything. It is unpowered, and is obviously a model.
beanieostrich (author)  beanieostrich5 years ago
By the way: What is the gun in your pic? I'm curious.
Go take a look at my page. It is my RCP...Red's Compact Pistol...
Lol. I wouldn't have known because I was never subbed to you. :o I'll tell you now it looks great. :)
Thanks bro. Are you working on any guns currently?
XD, I see.
so sorry but shadowman39 beat you to it.... a long time ago
beanieostrich (author)  TheAwesomestDude5 years ago
Bro. There is a difference between Circular Saw and Miter Saw.
im sorry i thought you meant saw not "circular saw"