K'nex Haas Rifle

A little sneak-peek of my sniper rifle to come. :)

It is difficult to operate, as it was built for an extreme emphasis on range/power and nothing else.

It can use fin-stabilized dart rods IE KillerK sniper rounds.

When I have the spare time, I'll run tests to see how much range I can get it to go, how accurate it really is, etc.

In the first picture, it is unloaded and not cocked.
In the second picture, it is ready to fire a red rod full-power.
In the third picture, same as second but closer view of the mechanics.

Picture of K'nex Haas Rifle
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mrbox9 years ago
How come I never saw this gun ever?
MI69 years ago
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MI69 years ago
Doesnt mean you shouldnt post it.
the dawg9 years ago
have u posted this?
smidge14710 years ago
so perfectduck what makes this gun so powerfull and why is so wierd looking?
i understand the gun. it has to parts that add to the power of the gun. the fireing pin witch has a lot of rubberbands on it. the only reason that the firing pin does not explode is because of the spring asborbes the impace and transfers it to the red rod(aka the projectile). it looks so weard because of the other part, witch is the entire top of the gun. it moves on the grey rods and is pulled foward by a lot of rubberbands. the trigger sets of all of those things at once so the the power of both those things is combined to shoot the red rod and a high speed.
phlorgan10 years ago
ok thats kinda confusing but logically it works :)
Danny10 years ago
dude bump could you please update the pictures and video?
u neec 2 post this
Danny10 years ago
he hows the instructable going along
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