Knex Heavy Cannon v5 - Handheld (TGKT entery)

This is going to be by entry for the TGKT. It is alike my other cannons in many ways. A few things to point out... Fires same ammo as the Micro No wheels or stand, a handle on top makes it handheld True trigger Very Piece efficient Fires about 70 feet Easy to load Cool looking (I guess thats subjective, so whatever) Thats it! I hope you like it. EDIT: Posted!

Picture of Knex Heavy Cannon v5 - Handheld (TGKT entery)
TGKT Entry 002.JPG
TGKT Entry 003.JPG
TGKT Entry 004.JPG
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wow cool but im only a 100000000000000000000000000000000000 sshort with Knexs!!
I_am_Canadian (author)  Killergunman7 years ago
Only uses a few hundred :-p
You have a habit of looking down loaded barrels
I_am_Canadian (author)  TwistedParadox7 years ago
Yup :-p
yannyboy7 years ago
when r u posting ?
I_am_Canadian (author)  yannyboy7 years ago
I_am_Canadian (author)  yannyboy7 years ago
Im not sure. I started instructions, but came upon a flaw.
so how is the cannon coming along? almost finished with instructions?
I_am_Canadian (author)  benboy2077 years ago
Ho ho ho! Its finished! Instruction time.
hurry i need to build somthing now!
I_am_Canadian (author)  Vynash7 years ago
DUDE YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I_am_Canadian (author)  Vynash7 years ago
Why not?
i was just like, HECK YEAH DUDE!!!!!!
I_am_Canadian (author)  Vynash7 years ago
XD again!
I_am_Canadian (author)  Vynash7 years ago
(:-D)-I-< again!
i'll be waiting........
I_am_Canadian (author)  benboy2077 years ago
I_am_Canadian (author)  benboy2077 years ago
No. Still perfecting the gun.
SOLVE IT I HAVE TO BUILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I_am_Canadian (author)  yannyboy7 years ago
I WILL! I wil let you know when its fixahead.
I_am_Canadian (author)  yannyboy7 years ago
Not yetahead.
I_am_Canadian (author)  yannyboy7 years ago
YES! Its finished! It is working great. Instructions soon.
I_am_Canadian (author)  yannyboy7 years ago
How many bands does it use? can I get away with four or five?
I_am_Canadian (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
Uses same as micro; 16. A bag costs like 50 cents though...
Aw, OES NOES can't build. I gotta get me some more bands.
btw where do you live?
I_am_Canadian (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
Cool. I don't live anywhere with a big name, but I'm in Jersey.
I_am_Canadian (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
Ah... New Jersey? Or old Jersry?
New Jersey. One of the 50 states of the United States of America.
I_am_Canadian (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
There is a New Jersy elsewhere though...
Lol I like New Jersey. They are one of the states who stereotypically have their own accent. Typically it involves replacing the vowel-r sounds with the "oi"sound so it sounds like they say New Joizy but it's one of those accents that I know how to imitate but I just don't know how to explain it to someone else beyond that.
or my favorite one "You doity bastid"
In fact, we make fun of them Noo Yoakahs like that.
"Them Noo Yokahs" don't have that accent (I think I would know, I live there >_>)
I know, but it seems that every single state makes fun of the supposed accent another has.
Shame on America. We should be complimenting them on the unique way they speak.... as the sane, normal side of me would say.
Dare thee venture upon insult with an Oompa-Loompa!?!?! Dangeth be thou homeland in equality to thy insult of our own!!!
as the sane, normal side of me would say.
Not the insane, destructive side of me that inhabits most of my body.
Meaning what I said above is what I SHOULD say. But, who cares? We all have our own state accents, and should waste our time making fun of them :P.
Woohoo! Phillies won the world series! ( I know I'm a day late...)
Really? That's nice. I don't watch baseball much, i watch more.... football.
I hate watching baseball, but it's hard not to pay attention when you hear about it a hundred time a day.
!!!! Y shame on us???
maryland doesnt have a "state accent".....
hey washington doesn't either
Don't worry about it. Apparently I'm from Minnesooooo-da.
I_am_Canadian (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
Weal, Im acroos thee ocean I scotlund, you yerr bettur nawt meak fwun of mea.
horrible accent. LoL
I_am_Canadian (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
Well, t'would you prefurr the much roonder touns acraws the aiw in thea Yookay? (Sorry, Could'nt resist)
achmed say: I KEEL you!!!
You would kill a little orange guy with green hair!?
Achmed say: yes > : D
And so the forces of good rushed out to meet the enemy in the form of short orange men...Men who would fight to their very last breath for a chocolate bar.
Ah oiu oiu sivousplai! Mon accent now is zi french accent! you er ow you sad have to know how to speek zi french to live zi mother land, France!
I amzi achmed.
I come from a land far in the north were we hunt caribou for our tribe. Buffalo is good too! -btw im talkin about canada! ....where i live! my 2 favourite provinces are ontario and manitoba!
lol someone on my street has a new jersey accent. whenever he says certainly, it sounds like coitenly, kinda like curlie on the three stooges.
We don't all sound like that. I know for a fact that I can pronounce my 'r's clearly.
yeah, i know, i hope i didnt sound too stereotype...
Too late...
Hence "stereotype"
I know, I'm just sayin'
I_am_Canadian (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
LoL. I toadally know what you mean. A
I thought it was eh don't cha know.
LoL I get it, A
I swear I don't talk like that, it's a pure stereotype. I would never say New Joisey. Maybe them far far down southern Jersey folks (LoL) do, but not me.
What country?
I_am_Canadian (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
Methinks somewhere in Europe, but I could be wrong.
I see...
i live in maryland.
live in louisiana.
i live in kent south england
hey sis :D
I don't care.
i dont care if you care or not
I don't care if you don't care if I don't care...LoL
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Well, what if I do care?
Nobody lives in rhode island?!
Not a single person on the planet.
except the griffins from Family Guy
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and their wives (with exception of quagmire)
reeeely? : D a famouse fat guy !!!
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