K'nex Idea request

I was searching for a knex turret on youtube, and I found this lego one. Would this be possible with K'nex? I would be grateful if anyone were to try.

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actually, i am working on a knex turret right now, if you want me to add anything you like just ask. im only making it because i got the same quetion as you. how come no one has made a knex turret?
builder9688 years ago
Hmmm.... I'm making a minigun this summer (BIIIIIG PROJECT), so I don't think I'll be able to do that. Plus, I don't have an RC motor. Sorry.
knexguy8 years ago
Well, you'd have trouble making it remote-controlled... I have plans for one that is bigger and drill-powered. Don't expect anything soon though...
lemonie8 years ago
Pretty cool. Lego has designed bits so you can do this sort of thing, I think you'd have a hard time with KNEX alone - but someone should try.

pls lemonie8 years ago
Yeah, I agree.