Knex Injuries

Have you ever been injured by knex? - if so please post pics !Give a pain rating from 1 to 10 (10 being the most painful) And i bet someone will say 'i hope so!'

Picture of Knex Injuries
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yamaha23426 years ago
broke my finger once (shot it)
didexo6 years ago
one time i was trying to fix the trigger on my NAR and I pushed the trigger down and it fired and the skin on my finger got caght in the barrel with the pin firing
I mainly get "knex thunbs", really dry, worn out thumbs from snapping knex in and ouyt all the time. Lots of dead skin :-(
Yeah. Now I just have iron thumbs from repeated abuse. They feel kinda cool.
iron thumbs?
yeah, me too. then there was that time where i accidently shot myself in the foot with the dd-27 equipped with 3 was about a 4.
Lol Im getting there :-D
yeah... i get them too, they hurt. try using pliers for the toughest bits. also, i thought it to be impossible at first, but i may have more knex than you! i built the sipriani rifle v3, your heavy canonns (v1, 5 and your heavy crossbow)
and had leftover knex!
yeah that happens to me alot, it once got to a point where i had to stop building for a few days ebcause it was sooo sore.
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