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Alright, so Oblivitus and I are trying to kickstart the community back up. We have three planned ways to do it so far. First, we're making a wiki of guides to all the different parts of K'nex weapon building to try and aid newbs. Secondly, we're gonna go on a mass advertising campaign across other websites and wherever possible to encourage new people to try K'nexing. Finally, we'll be holding a series of challenges in a grand contest to encourage innovation. The format for these will be simple: we'll present you a concept, you all go out and try to make the best build of that concept possible. The idea here is that not only will we try to innovate, but we'll try to perfect one concept at a time instead of just dabbing here and there, sweeping promising, yet underdeveloped concepts under the rug. We'll mix up the challenges as need be, such as allowing teams for more complicated builds, perhaps extending time limits, etc. Else, we're hoping to keep pumping out the challenges at a steady rate and see who can win the most. Perhaps we'll eventually have one final grand challenge with a bigger prize.

So I'm simply curious who we all got here so far that'll participate. Just post with what you think the time limit should be for each challenge. Again, the idea is to allow enough time to perfect concepts but be steadily producing these concepts. So, do you think one week, for example, would be adequate? We'll adjust time limits as need be, but I figured we'd set a default so that you know what to expect.

Also, if you would like to suggest any concepts, I'll add them to a nominations list. You can nominate as many as you want. For each challenge, you'll be allowed one vote for those on the nomination list and then we'll tackle the concept with the most votes for the next challenge.

-Nada, suggest something, anything, though I'd request some thought and nothing impossible sounding.

By the way, if any veterans would like to help edit the Wiki, join at wikispaces.com and send me your username there. I'll add you to the members list so you can edit articles. I require only those who can create quality, objective pages. Grammar should be near perfect and there should be absolutely no opinions.

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TheDunkis (author) 5 years ago
Alright, sorry, with school, I figured I'd just wait to start this up. It's summer for most of us now, though, so I'm gonna try getting these started. My rules thus far:
-I with the help of other judges (at the moment, undefined, though probably Obl and maybe someone else) will pick a concept.
-You will have one week (unless stated otherwise) to complete and demonstrate a weapon utilizing our chosen concept.
-I will accept incomplete projects as long as you demonstrate how it would've worked or why it failed. The idea is we can expand on these concepts. Perhaps I'll have a second or third round of the same challenge if I feel it needs more work.
-The judges will grade each entry for points (so even if you don't win, you still get points for trying).
-With your entry, submit an idea for a concept, or a vote for a concept you've already seen suggested. The most popular or most interesting concept will be picked to be done next.

I'll add things to spin it up here and there just for fun. We'll see who can collect the most points. I'll message Obl to see if he still wants to help judge and see what the first concept should be. After that, I'll get started. It'll probably be something easy just to get people to interested. We'll hopefully gather more members as we go.
Blackbird176 years ago
I wish I could but i'm caved in with school sorry D:
Sharir17016 years ago
any progress yet? if you're gonna come out saying "i'm gonna do this and that" and you aren't gonna immediately start doing it, chances are you won't. get it going. it's hard to start, but once you do, everything goes much quicker than you should think.

don't take this the wrong way... i'm not trying to be harsh or anything, simply trying to provoke a revolution in knex weaponry, and i agree that this is a great starting point, but if it won't happen, then this whole topic of a waste of everyone's time. if you need any help, you know where to find me...
TheDunkis (author)  Sharir17016 years ago
I'll set something up this weekend.
.com? (or something of the sort) or .wiki, .webs etc...?

TheDunkis (author)  Sharir17016 years ago
Alright, well I'll set something up when I get a concept idea. I forget why I didn't start, I didn't have anything to start with. I'll come up with something myself if I don't see anything soon.
before going in to more complicated (for beginners) concepts and even into anything regarding the actual designs and theory, first set up a site; then make the wiki of parts, like you said; the start introducing the different types of mechanisms, barrels, pins, triggers, magazines etc... what i'm basically saying is that if you don't start with the long yet important labor, you never will. if you need help, i can do it, and kinetic and a few others will as well, i believe.
TheDunkis (author)  Sharir17016 years ago
The contest is what I'm worried about at the moment. The guides are in the hands of Obl and whoever else he gathers to help. We had a Wiki going actually, I don't know what his thoughts on continuing it are. But we will for sure continue constructing the guides here on ibles.
A. i don't think ob. has put much effort into the wiki, because he is deep in hard work over the SA 3252 v9, but i don't know. anyway, if there is something, could you give me a link?

B. about the contest, i'm sorry, i read the whole topic again and didn't quite get what you were looking for. what's the contest? what are the rules? how should i enter? with what must i enter? etc... if what you're saying is that you're waiting for a contest to "happen" before you start on the wiki, and you're waiting for an idea for the contest before you start it, i think you and me both know that that's not going anywhere anytime soon. if you are looking for an idea for the contest, here's one: make a true bolt action. i don't know, maybe there is a true bolt action somewhere on the site that i missed, but i never saw a true bolt action gun that fires, let alone with any performances (good ones, that is). here's another one: find a new way to fire a round (not a pin, slingshot, or hammer of any sort). you know? i'm just saying... i would want nothing more than for innovation in the community to run faster, and i think that this not-doing-anything state will keep the current situation.

C. another thing you might want to do is set a certain "restriction" for posting guns. what i mean is saying like - NO POSTING F***ING BLOCK TRIGGER GUNS (yes, some people still do), don't post a generic gun with no new features in it unless it's a replica or a demonstration of something new (if you want to get other people's opinions about your generic gun, post it as a topic, not an 'ible), etc...
Knex.X6 years ago
Hurray knex guns aren't dead :)
maybe i'll participate in one of those contests (oh wait I have school too)
Maybe remove the grammar thing? I'm Dutch and you can't say that the grammar has to be almost perfect since many people here aren't English
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