Knex Ironhide!

Here is my knex ironhide. he is 99% done. hope you like him! I made him from glitched's pics and vid. He is pretty hard to transform.

Picture of Knex Ironhide!
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wiiking20156 years ago
would u please post instructions?
Can you post instructions or atleast send them to me in my inbox?
How do you start building somthing like that?
Is this based off another? I've seen one pretty close on youtube.
its based on the one I posted on youtube.
battlefront1 (author)  glitched97008 years ago
The pics of the spot I need help
knex iron par..JPGlight iron.JPGlite iron.JPG
I see your problem the white connectors with the 2 white rods connected is wrong. In between the blue/purple connectors should be an orange connector and the 2 white rods connected to the bottom white connector should be loose. Also in between the orange connector(formally white connector) and the white connector should be a gray spacer. Hope this helps.
battlefront1 (author)  glitched97008 years ago
Is the white rod supposed to be connected to the yellow connector.
everything is right except for what i said if you understood it.
battlefront1 (author)  glitched97008 years ago
What is the white rod connected to?
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