Knex KLS v2 review.

This is Kinetics KLS v2 review.

comfort: 8/10 - pretty comfortable, no rods sticking out on the handle.
power: 10/10 - excellent power, considering its semi automatic. i got 40ft with 2 #64s.
looks: 6/10 - its not the best of looking guns, but looks can be decieving.
innovation: 10/10 - fantastic ideas put into this gun like the horizontal magazine, magazine release, locking magazine pusher and its semi automatic. (i also added a safety on mine)
accuracy: 7/10 - the shots tend to bounce off to the left and right a bit, but nothing huge.
piece usage: 6/10 - it uses quite alot of yellow connectors and green rods for most people.
strenght: 8/10 - pretty solid structure, the handle is the weakest part on the whole gun.
reliability: 6/10 - very poor magazine feed. you also have to pull the trigger quick to avoid the bullet from just going vertical.

overall: 61/80 - Its a really good gun with cool features that you would rarely find in any other gun, its well worth the build!


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MegaMetal86 years ago
Cool, but im not even gonna try building it. Like 85% of guns like this I build don't work or have like 5ft range...

Im building a ball machine and after that im building logic boys FSSG
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
Thanks =D
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
H1T4TCH16 years ago
Nice review!
~KGB~ (author)  H1T4TCH16 years ago
thanks =D
tytiger336 years ago
What about the the fireing arc.
~KGB~ (author)  tytiger336 years ago
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